Love By The Moon

Severely wishing I was back here. Sitting on this bus, watching the snow outside and far from home.

I leave for Splendour in the morning which is in the complete other direction.

I cannot hold off any longer. I am sending these away tomorrow for processing. I really shouldn’t have spent my money on this but I just have to see my photos.

And yes, I will be blogging more about my day-to-day life on here. This is a warning.

I’m starting to miss him again.

Last night on the drive home I went past his house and thought how easy it would have been to crash at his house that night if we were still together. 

I think about him every day. 

Today I saw a quote; “never give up on something you can’t go a day without thinking about” and I thought of him and how this is just a hopeless situation. I wish I didn’t have to give up. 


"Even then, as teenagers,
we tried to put the pieces together.
We still can't."-The Virgin Suicides (1999)


"Even then, as teenagers,
we tried to put the pieces together.
We still can't."

-The Virgin Suicides (1999)

Vance Joy - Riptide. 

I love how literal this video is. Hilarious.

Back from my snow trip and I’m missing it like crazy. This morning I tried to replicate the big breakfasts that we had so I went to maccas, got a big bag of food, drove to Braye Park and ate in the car in my jammies.

I went to the snow fields for 4 days.

And it was the furthest I’ve been from home on my own. Even though every day I was just dying to come back, now that I’m home I hate it.

I need a bigger adventure and a new life.

Hanging out at the lighthouse at night.

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