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My month of barely spending is almost up!

And I’ve come out the other end pretty okay. The only things I have bought that were not petrol or food were work pants, a ring I’ve been waiting to go on sale for ages and a cheap pack of 2 sharpeners for my eyeliners. Plus I made two sales on eBay.

And if it wasn’t for barely spending this month I’m pretty sure I would have made a few impulse purchases. Putting them off had made me reconsider and realise how little I need those things.


With exposure lengths ranging from ten minutes to four hours, the Los Angeles-based photographer and video artist Kevin Cooley captures the takeoff and landings of commercial airplane flights:

Above: Takeoffs, LaGuardia Airport, Runway 4 (2009). Photograph by Kevin Cooley/Kopeikin Gallery.

I don’t feel like going to Sydney tonight.

But I know I will hate myself if I don’t. I was meant to be going to the easter show with my friends today but everyone bailed. :| This will be the first year I will miss it and even though, yes, I may be outgrowing it I just think it would be better than spending the entire day in my room even if I do go alone. Staying inside just ain’t livin’. 

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No Street Lights in NYC

Cutest moment of my night.

I was playing tennis against a squash wall by the beach and behind it there are tennis courts. There was a group of young teenagers playing tennis and all night I was listening to them playfully fight. Just when I was about to go home one of the teenager’s little brother came up to me and asked me to play with them. I then realised the whole night they were fighting over who was going to ask me. 


I type too much on here because I have no one to talk to ahaha…


So my new role at work is pretty shit. I have it for all of my shifts next week but I have to be grateful. I happen to have the most hours next week out of all of the casuals. But the week after it gets better. I still have plenty of hours but I also realised I’m the only one with shifts in numerous departments in the store. That week I have shifts in 3 different departments but when I count it all up, I get shifts in 8 different departments overall.

I remember being a newbie and being stuck on checkouts when people who started at the same time as me were shifted to different departments and I just remained. Now they’re back to their original departments and I seem to be the only one who had eventually moved off and kept my new roles. I am the only one with a variety in my shifts and it was something I had always wanted.

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