Love By The Moon

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Puretone - Addicted to Bass.

Tim Minchin at the 7-minute mark just had me in tears for the last 10 minutes. 

Feeling a wee bit spoilt

having bought a few things off my wishlist. In this post I justify to myself why these purchases were okay but for now I think I’ll stop with the spending. 

The first thing I bought was a swimmers top. The last time I had one was probably 8 years ago when I was in high school. I have never been a fan of swimming but I am going to force myself this summer. I was getting pretty tired of sitting on the beach watching everyone else in the water last summer.

The second thing I bought was a wallet. It’s not really a wallet, it’s more of a pouch. But I kinda always use pouches as wallets anyway. The last time I bought one of these has got to be a minimum of 10 years ago. I got two fabric ones from etsy that I interchange while one is in the wash. They look like children’s wallets because of the cute fabric. I’ve outgrown them but honestly, I will probably still use them. They’re in such good condition, I can’t believe how long they’ve lasted. I wish the etsy store that I bought them from was still existent so I could tell the creator what a fab job they’ve done. I’m pretty glad I have a more grown up one now though. 

The third thing I bought was a bag. This is the one that hit me. This purchase was the one that made me feel really guilty. Probably because it wasn’t on my list but in essence I did need it. The last bag I bought was 5 years ago. All of my bags are from Sportsgirl so they weren’t the best of quality and by this time they were looking pretty ratty and outdated. The bag that I purchased is black leather so it’s gonna be with me for a while and in style for a while too I would imagine. 

But yeah. I probably won’t be spending for a while now. 

Here’s to feeling good all the time.

Today my boss called me up to the front of the store to help a customer while I was covering the front end break AND doing general merchandise. He told me to check the back dock for containers for a customer. He walked with me to the doors of the back dock and said,
“just go out the back, do a loop, and then come back out”.


I think all of the shit that’s happened to me over the last week

has finally caught up. :[

For some stupid reason I agreed to a shift on my only day off.

This means
• I won’t get my sleep in, and I actually never will now because…
• I will be working 11 days in a row (all morning starts)
• I won’t have time for Father’s Day shopping or even time to book a table at a restaurant
• I’m an idiot

Sia - Chandelier. 

In love with the sweet little dancer in this video. 

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